How to Build and Grow Your Email List: Online Store Ideas You Can Use

Online Store Ideas You Can Use

How to get more people onto your email list? How to grow your email list? Use our online store ideas and get more traffic, sales, and customers to your site!

Are you a website owner? If you are, then you probably know that one of the biggest challenges is to get traffic to your site. Once your site has more traffic, it automatically has more sales as well.

There are many different ways to attract new people to your website, however, one of the best and most effective ways is to send an email to the contacts you have on your email list.

In other words, the key to growing your traffic, sales, and profit is growing your email list! So, how to get people to join your email list?

In order to increase the number of people that sign up to your email list, we are going to present you online store ideas and strategies you can use to grow your list:

  • Offer a coupon or a discount – This is probably the most effective strategy as it is quite simple and who is going to say no to a coupon or a discount. You can set an automated email in your provider to immediately send out the code for a discount after someone signs up to your list so they can use it right away.
  • Have a giveaway once a month – A lot of successful companies and brands have a monthly giveaway. You could do the same so you can attract attention. Make sure to include a photo of the product you are giving on your email sign up box and at the end of the month, draw out the winner from your list. This is a very effective strategy and will only cost you the product you are giving and the shipping.
  • Offer a free downloadable – If you are selling digital items as a bonus or a reward to your new customers, you can offer a free downloadable (not on all products of course). You could offer some great backgrounds or designs that people can download and use.


You could test a couple of these online store ideas and see which one suits your business and your audience the most. It is all about analyzing and determining the mindset of your visitors. Once you do that, you will be able to target a specific idea or offer to them